Scuba Diving Underwater Photography Dauin Dumaguete

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Here at 3D Diving we are crazy about safety. Safety is our foremost concern. We are not just concerned about your safety but also safety of the environment. 

By staying and diving with us we enter a mutual agreement that we will follow a very strict code of conduct that ensure the safety of everyone and everything. On the converse we also expect you to abide by our strict code of conduct by our guests.

We will provide the most advanced equipment and trained personnel to not only ensure your comfort and absolute perfect holiday and diving experience, but also your safety both above and below the water.

We expect and hope you will abide by standard and local safety requirements and also by local regulations pertaining to the access and use of the natural resources in our beautiful resort and surrounds.

We have formulated  a code of conduct that must be adhered to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests, current and future, to enhance your stay with us at 3D Diving.

More detailed information and our code of Conduct can be found here. We use Dive Assure Traveland Dive Insurence


Scuba Diving Underwater Photography Dauin Dumaguete