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Snorkel Tours

One of our most popular tours is our Snorkel Tour. The 3 hour snorkel adventure begins on one of our purpose built vessels that will travel the short 10 minute journey to the beautiful Turtle Island. 

Our first incredible snorkeling site is the amazing wreck called Julien's Wreck. Lying in just 5 metres of water the top of the wreck is less than a metre from the surface of the water. The wreck is teeming with incredible and colourful tropical fish life and surrounded by incredible coral life.

We then travel to a site very close to Turtle Island called Turtle's Neck. This is another very beautiful Coral Reef with great fishlife. 

Next we travel to s secluded beach on Turtle Island for brunch. With an incredible viw and beautiful beach enjoy the included meal under the coconut trees.

After lunch we travel to our third and final snorkel site. Mad Max Pier is an abandoned pier just a few minutes from Punta Bulata Resort. Swim with the massive schools of fish that encircle the site and hang among the pillars.

Our snorkel tour is very popular. We have a great range of snorkel and safety equipment, and all of our staff are fully qualified Divemasters and Instructors that will assist guests and provide all of the instruction and supervision needed to ensure you have a safe and fun tour.